Oracle Flex ASM

Oracle Flex ASM is a feature introduced in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2) that enhances the flexibility and scalability of the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) storage solution. ASM is a volume manager and file system specifically designed for Oracle databases, providing simplified management of database files and automatic striping and mirroring of data for performance and reliability.

Here are the key features and benefits of Oracle Flex ASM:

  • Flexibility in ASM Deployment: With Oracle Flex ASM, you can separate the ASM instances from the database instances, allowing greater flexibility in deployment options. ASM instances can now be deployed on separate servers, known as ASM Flex Disk Groups, while the database instances can be deployed on different servers, known as Database Flex Disk Groups. This enables more efficient resource utilization and improves the overall scalability of ASM deployments.
  • Improved Availability and Performance: Oracle Flex ASM provides improved availability and performance by allowing for better distribution of resources across ASM instances and database instances. It offers better load balancing and optimized I/O performance by leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Clusterware, which manages the ASM and database instances.
  • Simplified Management: Oracle Flex ASM simplifies the management of ASM instances by introducing a single point of management for ASM operations, known as the Flex ASM Home. The Flex ASM Home allows administrators to manage multiple ASM instances collectively and provides a consolidated view of the ASM environment.
  • Dynamic Performance Scaling: Oracle Flex ASM supports dynamic performance scaling, allowing for the addition or removal of ASM instances or database instances without downtime. This dynamic scaling capability helps in adapting to changing workload demands and provides greater flexibility in resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Security: Oracle Flex ASM incorporates enhanced security features, such as Oracle Wallet integration for secure communication between ASM and database instances. It also supports Oracle ASM Privilege Analysis to assess and manage privileges required by ASM users.

Oracle Flex ASM enhances the flexibility, scalability, and manageability of ASM deployments in Oracle Database environments. It allows for separate ASM and database instance deployments, improves availability and performance, simplifies management, and provides dynamic scaling capabilities. By leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Clusterware, Flex ASM enables a more robust and efficient storage solution for Oracle databases.

Harshad Vengurlekar

Experienced OCM-certified Oracle Database Administrator with over 18 years of expertise in designing, implementing, and managing complex database solutions. My expertise spans performance optimization, security, and high-stakes solution implementation. Adept at managing complex environments with precision.

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