Cursor sharing in Oracle

Cursor sharing in Oracle is a feature that allows multiple sessions to share the same cursor, which can improve performance by reducing the overhead of parsing and optimizing statements. Oracle can share cursors for the following types of statements: Oracle uses a library cache to store shared cursors. When a session executes a statement, Oracle […]


In Oracle, a tablespace is a logical storage container used to manage and organize the physical storage of database objects such as tables, indexes, and partitions. When working with tablespaces, you may come across several important attributes, including MAXBYTES, AUTOEXTENSIBLE, and INCREMENT_BY. Let’s break down each of these attributes: Let’s walk through the steps to […]

Oracle Grid upgrade to

Upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure from version to involves several steps and considerations. You need to have Oracle Grid software for upgrading Oracle grid along with patches. General steps followed for this upgrade, You need to create same directory structure for your GRID_HOME on all RAC nodes.  Also for this upgrade Oracle need at […]