Cursor sharing in Oracle

Cursor sharing in Oracle is a feature that allows multiple sessions to share the same cursor, which can improve performance by reducing the overhead of parsing and optimizing statements. Oracle can share cursors for the following types of statements: Oracle uses a library cache to store shared cursors. When a session executes a statement, Oracle […]

Cache Fusion in Oracle RAC. How does it work, and what benefits does it offer in a clustered environment?

Cache Fusion is a fundamental technology in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) that facilitates efficient data sharing and synchronization between the instances or nodes in a clustered database environment. It plays a crucial role in maintaining data consistency, minimizing contention, and optimizing performance in Oracle RAC. Here’s how it works and the benefits it offers: […]

Startup sequence for an Oracle Clusterware environment with ASM

So, in summary, the files and processes involved in the Oracle Clusterware startup sequence are as follows: Oracle Clusterware startup sequence involves a carefully orchestrated process of initializing key components, accessing configuration information, discovering critical cluster resources like the voting disk, retrieving the ASM SPFILE from disk headers, and finally, starting the ASM instance and […]