Direct NFS (Direct Network File System)

Direct NFS (Direct Network File System) is a feature integrated into Oracle Database software designed to optimize the interaction between Oracle Database and NFS (Network File System) storage devices. It offers several benefits, including improved performance, scalability, and simplified configuration for Oracle Database deployments that use NFS storage for various database-related files. Direct NFS Client, […]


Program Global Area (PGA) The Program Global Area (PGA) is a type of memory in an Oracle database that is specific to an individual operating process or thread. It is not shared with other processes or threads on the system. Unlike the System Global Area (SGA), which is shared among multiple processes, the PGA is […]

System Global Area (SGA)

The System Global Area (SGA) is a vital component of Oracle Database’s memory architecture, serving as a read/write memory area that, together with Oracle’s background processes, forms the foundation of a database instance. Here are key points about the SGA: The most important SGA components are the following: The Database Buffer Cache is a crucial […]